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    Traceability from origin.

    CONUVA offers one of the widest ranges of Grape Concentrates and NFC Juices available, covering all market segments. Top-quality raw materials with reliable traceability, and avant-garde technology, are the essence of our products.

    In addition to the products in our catalogue, we cooperate closely with our clients to achieve ad hoc results.

  • Grape Juice

    The freshness and unique taste of our grape juices are unbeatable.

    • Standard (NFC)

    • Fresh-squeezed

    • Organic

    • Varietal

  • Concentrated grape juices

    Starting with fresh fruit, we obtain concentrated Must with authentic flavour thanks to our natural additive-free processes.

    • Standard

    • Low SO2

    • Virgin

    • Organic

    • Baby-Food

    • Kosher

    • Halal

  • Rectified grape juice concentrate

    Variety of concentrated Musts obtained by de-ionisation and extraction of all components except glucose, fructose and water.

    • Rectified or deionised